Frequently Asked Questions

“Why create a new standard for this kind of data?”

“Who created this?”

“Why not use event type-specific schemas?”

“Why not use JSON as the serialization format?”

“Why not use insert other serialization format as the serialization format?”

“What should be an event?”

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, it should probably be an event.

  • Does it demarcate a point in time where something interesting happened?
  • Is it useful to know about for debugging, tracing, auditing, or reporting?
  • Is it something another component or system would want to know about or respond to?
  • Is it a command or message between two or more components of a system?

“How do I pronounce ‘Osso’?”

OH-so - OH like “open”, and so like “so,” in English.

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